New Years on a Caribbean Island paradise of palm trees, crystal waters, sun, and sand.

Dateline Lighthouse Reef, Belize
December 97

You  left Denver early in the morning on a flight to Houston.  After a 2 hour layover it was on to Belize City then a quick hop over to Lighthouse Reef.

Denver is now no more than a memory as you enter your private bungalow for a relaxing night.

You feel the cool island breezes as you nod off to sleep dreaming of an incredible day beneath the waves of the blue Caribbean.  The sound of the surf is your lullaby. (Not a snow plow in sight.)

You awake to hundreds of tropical birds greeting the day.  You dress and head to breakfast, then off to the dock to start your first dive.

Knowing that there are many incredible dive sites minutes away, you listen carefully as the guide gives today’s dive briefing...

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